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Haven House is a unique community development catalyst for non-profits, municipalities and other companies and groups.  We coordinate and leverage existing resources, bringing them together for the greater good of the community without duplicating services 




mother and daughter

We saw a need for housing for young mothers and brought organizations together who could benefit from partnering to provide affordable housing and other growth opportunities for young mothers.

Fists in Solidarity

To help meet this need we developed a home in a safe neighborhood, leveraged community partners, and found nonprofits who could come together to support these young ladies as a team. Haven House was able to serve as a nexus organization where all partners benefitted and the young ladies were given the opportunity to become successful self-sustaining parents.

Mother and Son

Young mothers still need accessible affordable housing in safe communities where amenities are within reach, but they often don’t qualify for housing programs like their peers do because they have children. That is why it is so important for Haven House to continue to seek out partners and build homes and opportunities for these mothers. 

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