Haven House Program

There is a shortage of housing programs for pregnant or parenting youth between the ages of 18-24 in Mercer County and throughout the state.

Haven House aims to fill this gap by helping four pregnant or parenting youth gain access to housing and programming that addresses their needs. Anticipated services include:

  • Case management,

  • Mental health supports (e.g., trauma therapy, referrals to psychiatric services, support groups, group therapy, etc.),

  • Behavioral health supports,

  • Parenting classes,

  • Healthcare access and health education,

  • Referral to services,

  • Life-skills,

  • Transportation,

  • Tailored community college education at Mercer County Community College,

  • Long-term education plans,

  • Employment and career planning, and

  • Post-Haven House life plans.


Haven House Approach


Haven House’s goal is to break the cycle of poverty two generations at a time by empowering four low income young single mothers (ages 18-24) and their dependents. Our caring, structured, and supportive home helps them to become mindful, self-sufficient, and engaged members of society. We believe that the cycle of poverty and homelessness is broken through education and community.  

Haven House’s Program:

  • Supportive community with a higher standard of living

  • Physical exercise program

  • Community building infrastructure

  • Tailored community college education at Mercer County Community College

  • Nurturing child care at Lakeview Child center

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